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It's time for Google's contact lens for diabetics

Brian Otis, Google X project lead, holds a contact lens Google is testing to explore tear glucose in Mountain View, California.

Google unveils contact lens for diabetics which will measure the glucose level of a person in real time.
Though the product is still in early stage of development and its' prototype testing is going on, if successful, this contact lens help diabetics say goodbye to painful needles that they have to use several times a day to successfully monitor their blood glucose level.

For now Google has not provide any details on the availability of the contact lens.

The current prototype of contact lens record the glucose level every second.

A look at the components that make the contact lens device.

Google has several remarkable technologies/projects under its' hood which we have to look forward, some of are-

  • A driverless cars which use sensors,
  • Google's web surfing eyeglasses,
  • Cameras and virtual maps technologies,
  • 'Project Loon', a network of large balloons designed to beam the Internet to unwired places. 

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