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6 awesome things you can do with your Gmail ID

Today morning, I read an amazing article on 'what you can do with your Gmail ID?' in TIMES LIFE, supplement of Times of India. (dated January 19, 2014)

Following are 6 awesome things you can do with your Gmail ID: (as in article)

  1. Turning Google Drive into Jukebox,
  2. Making own maps,
  3. Printing from anywhere,
  4. Managing phone contacts,
  5. Running own show on YouTube,
  6. Never running out of space for photos and videos.
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हरवलेला तळमजला!!!

आज रविवार, १० मार्च २०१९. सकाळी सकाळी  व्हॉट्सऍपवर एक मस्त मेसेज आला. तो पोस्ट करत आहे. हरवलेला  तळमजला!!! श्री.अमुकमुक, अमुक बिल्डिंग, तळ...